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the virtual reality software boule was designed and developed by
andreas simon and mario doulis for Fraunhofer IAO with BMW AG
as a focus customer

boule enables users to analyze and document virtual prototypes in
a virtual environment. it relies on the exact superposition of
real and virtual space to allow direct manipulation of virtual
objects at true scale. the boule interface uses gestures and
special interface elements to create a user experience that makes
interacting with virtual objects feel real and effective

the ball menu technique developed for boule is an example of
conservative use of virtual work space, efficient ergonomics
and unique design of interface elements. the interaction combines
a pop-up menu with a simple, fluid gesture of the hand

interactions in boule are designed to work well with diverse
virtual environment technologies including single wall stereo
projection, CAVEs, the responsive work bench, and head mounted
displays (HMD)

boule was showcased at siggraph '99 and has won top3 at the
iF interaction design award 2000