As a 2D program the VRML demonstration can not give an impression of the real interactions in the virtual environment, but only describe roughly the functionality of the real application and its graphic visualization. Boule VRML Demo

Major differences regarding the original:
  • The mouse can only be moved on a plane whereas the tracked interaction device can be moved and turned freely in space. The selection of objects is therefore ponderous in the demo. The lighting of the cursor when touching icons offers a little help. The cursor can only be moved to in depth by moving the cutting plane.
  • Behavior and proportion of the objects had to be changed for the 2D visualization.
  • The visualization quality of the objects has been reduced due to the processing power of PCs.
  • VRML can only use one mouse button for interactions.
The virtual cursors follows the movements of the mouse. The mouse cursor is NOT identical with the virtual cursor. Actions are started by pressing the mouse button and are dependent on the position of the virtual cursor.
  • A mouse click in the open space produces a marker.
  • A mouse click in a marker deletes the marker.
  • When the mouse button is kept pressed and the cursor is not moved, the menu ball appears.
  • The menu ball follows mouse movement, letting the mouse button off selects the current option.
  • All icons can be moved when the mouse button is kept pressed.
  • The cutting plane can only be moved in depth.
  • Light icon: To change light intensity, the cursor has to be moved to the center of the icon (cursor shines light blue). To move it, the cursor has to touch the edge of the icon (cursor shines light blue and a transparent cube appears around the icon).
  • The cutting plane appears when double-clicking.
System requirements

The CosmoPlayer-Plugin at least version 2 for Windows or IRIX is required to run the VRML demo. A fast PC is necessary to perform time critical interactions.

Download CosmoPlayer 2.1 from Cosmosoftware
Launch Boule Demonstration